Alleged sexual assault in building 28A, one suspect arrested

Officers from the Walnut Sheriffs station were called to campus today regarding an alleged sexual assault in building 28A. Sheriffs arrived on the scene after the victim, an unnamed 18 year old female, alerted public safety that a male suspect had allegedly sexually assaulted her. Three sheriffs deputies and four public safety officers went to the suspects classroom in order to further investigate. The officers removed a witness, Andrew Gacuya, from class for questioning. The officers also brought out the suspect for questioning, and subsequently placed him under arrest.

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Gacuya, 19, biology major, said he is a friend of the victim and was alerted to the situation via text. According to Gacuya, he and the victim noticed the suspect hanging around by himself during the past couple of weeks but paid him no mind. "He started appearing often during physics breaks," said Gacuya. The class normally gets a break around 10:45 a.m, said Gacuya, but by 11:10 a.m. the suspect still had not returned to class. Gacuya said that shortly after the suspect's return, he began getting text messages from the victim asking for the suspect's name, and to not let him leave because she had alerted authorities. According to Gacuya, the victim said that suspect had grabbed her by the head and tried to force his penis into her face. The victim then kicked him in order to escape, at which point the suspect fled from the scene. The suspect was handcuffed and taken to the police cruiser in tears, after refusing to comment on the allegations. Hailey Melendez, 20, communications major was shocked to learn of the altercation. Melendez said she is surprised public safety did not let students know about the alleged crime. "It is kind of important because as a girl that's something you always think about." Public safety officials were unable to comment on the situation or as to why students were not notified. Albert Serna Editor-in-Chief