Crash occurs at intersection of Temple and Bonita

student accident

Ovais Malik, a student involved in a car accident today speaks to a Mt. SAC public safety officer. Ariel Carmona Jr/MOUNTIEWIRE

Thursday morning, a crash occurred at the intersection of Bonita and Temple in which a  maroon Toyota Yaris driven by Ovais Malik, a Cal Poly Pomona student collided with another vehicle driven by a Mt. SAC student.  No significant injuries occurred.

“I was driving along and this guy cut in front of me, I tried to stop but I could not,” Malik said. Mt. SAC public safety officers on the scene cut off access to one of the pedestrian crosswalks leading from the main campus to parking lot R.

More details are forthcoming as we get further reports from campus officials.

– Ariel Carmona Jr.

Senior Staff Writer

car accident

Ariel Carmona Jr/MOUNTIEWIRE

car crash

Ariel Carmona Jr/MOUNTIEWIRE

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