Mt. Rock radio streams live every weekday

Mt Rock radio


On Feb. 18, Mt. SAC’s radio and television department launched an Internet radio station that merged with the 90.1 FM KSAK station. Mt. Rock Radio streams classic rock, news, and shows every weekday. The site broadcasts from the technologies building underneath the school library in the broadcasting department. Mt. Rock Radio is not the first Internet radio station on campus. According to its website, the school launched Audio8Ball in 2009. It is a station that features a variety of talk shows hosted by radio students from all walks of life. Some of the shows include a 50s-themed music show, “The Time Warp” with Tim Torrence, The Beatles talk called “The Big Beat” with DJ Bob Vincent, and “Cage Chat,” mixed martial arts talk hosted by Kenny James. Audio8ball broadcasts every weekday. Mt. Rock Radio was created shortly following Audio8ball’s new Internet radio model. Alan Bailey, 22, radio broadcast major and program director of Mt. Rock Radio said, “90.1 Mt. Rock started as an Internet radio station. We wanted to give students the chance to work on a station that is a formatted station like most stations in LA that plays classic rock.” The decision to merge was one to teach the students to learn to present their shows under a situation seen in radio stations nationwide. According to Mt. Rock’s website, listeners could view the current shows and contact the staff. Each day starts off with “The Morning Climb” with hosts Brian Matthews and Jewel and continues with various DJ shifts held by knowledgeable classic rock enthusiasts, including a mascot baby named Sid. Host and assistant program director Bob Vincent, 22, said, “It is an eclectic Rock station featuring rock from the 50s to the early 90s.” According to Bailey, Mt. Rock will feature a live video stream of broadcasts so that listeners could not only hear the host, but also see them. Mt. SAC recently offered specific Internet radio classes to help teach the students about streaming and podcasting. Here is what he had to say,  “Most colleges have a [Radio/Television] program that has a few classes and has very little help outside the classroom for practice and help with internships.” Jose Elizondo, 22, radio broadcast student also spoke highly of the program’s professors and his experience as a host Audio8ball, “The broadcasting department is great. The professors are still in the industry so they are still up to date with what’s going on.” Elizondo has achieved internships in the business, but now has a job at Fox Sports. He says, “It prepared me for the industry and got me the job.” It’s that type of knowledge and teaching that has earned the broadcast department multiple college radio awards; Bailey himself has won 2 Golden Mike awards for his show The Pit Pass (on Audio8Ball). KSAK was a Federal Communications Commission certified station that broadcasted on 90.1 FM in the surrounding area with music of various genres. Mt. Rock Radio now only plays classic rock, but continues to provide up to the minute news from Southern California and the campus from Walnut’s airwaves and the World Wide Web. The change teaches its students new skills previously unheard of in just an analog format. Elizondo said, “The main advantage is that the Internet can be heard by people not only locally or nationally but worldwide and for free.” Students who would like to get involved in the program can visit and Bailey and Vincent suggest aspiring students of the program to take R-TV classes and become involved with their classmates, Mt. Rock Radio hosts, and staff. To be on Mt. Rock or Audio8ball, Mt. SAC offers credited internships for both stations to students that fill the prerequisites. -Gil Garcia