Burglary suspects pursued through Mt. SAC campus and taken into custody

One of the suspects sits in a police car. Albert Serna / MOUNTAINEER

According to the Department of Public Safety and L.A. County sheriffs, four people suspected of robbing a house this morning attempted to evade police by going through the Mt. SAC campus. As officers from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department pursued them, one suspect drove through the food court area near building 19C where World of Wings (formerly Mountie Grill) operates, and others fled on foot. Police caught the suspects in Parking Lot D near building 28 and arrested them in connection with the burglary. Chris Fitzgerald, 21, business major, witnessed part of the chase. "It was crazy," he said. "The car drove by the side of the biology building and Mountie Grill. Two guys jumped out and ran," he continued. Tiffany Nemo, 23, fire technology major, said "[One of them] tried to get in a red car that a student was driving in the parking lot." Police surrounded him near the fire building and he got caught, she added. Further information and details are forthcoming. - Albert Serna Editor-in-Chief - Joanne Angulo Arts and Entertainment Editor - Matthew Medina News Editor