Life is a blessing not a burden

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I do not believe that we have a right to say who lives and who dies in this world. I am completely pro-life and I do no see a reason for abortion. The reason why I am pro-life is because we have made advances throughout the years in medicine. Now we have many birth control options such as birth control pills, diaphragms, the T,  Nuva Ring, condoms, spermicides, and the patch to prevent pregnancy. Some of which are given away for free. Most women are not ignorant to the many contraceptives that prevent pregnancy. If a woman does not want to take birth control, there is always abstinence. Yes sex is awesome, but there are consequences, and failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The point is we all know where babies come from, and we also know how to prevent pregnancy. I believe that life starts at the moment of conception. According to, the sperm meets the egg, the cells begin to multiply and we are in early stages of creating a life. At three weeks, the baby already has a spine, liver, and kidneys. At six weeks, brainwaves are detectable and at eight weeks every organ is in place. When a woman has an abortion, she elects to have her baby killed. According to, a standard abortion is performed by the doctor administering a local anesthetic, then a cannula, which is a long plastic tube connected to a suction device, is inserted into the uterus to suction out the fetus and placenta. If a woman waits until she is 15-21 weeks pregnant, the doctor must insert a synthetic dilator inside the cervix 24 hours in advance. The suction tube is inserted to begin removing tissue away from the lining. Then they perform a curette, which is where the lining is scraped to remove any residuals. If needed, forceps may be used to remove larger parts. The last step is a final suctioning to make sure that the baby is completely removed. So basically, forceps are clamped down on her baby which is then pulled out of the womb, and the baby, in pieces, is discarded. How is this okay?  Why is this the only solution to this problem? How is it fair to end an innocent life just because a woman does not want to be a mom? For example, a girl I know has a reputation for partying, sleeping around, and has had numerous abortions because she does not want a child. She knows abortion is an option to escape the reality of motherhood, and she chooses this option over and over again. I understand how in some circumstances the concern for the child’s well being is thrown out there, but how many of us have lived perfect lives? Just because someone is sexually active and does not use birth control does not give that person the right to deny a child’s right to live. Abortion should never be used as birth control. One argument used to defend abortion is the health of the mother, but the only real cases that warrant an abortion would be if the mother has a life threatening illness such as leukemia or cancer. Even then abortion is unlikely to help prolong or save her life. All the abortion does is eliminate the process of birth as the cause of death, it doesn’t, “cure” the mother of her illness. Another argument in favor of abortion is the case of rape. Even in this case it is still not justified because that life is innocent regardless of who the parents are. My first recommendation to sexually active women is to be responsible, and use contraceptives to their full advantage. If a woman does find herself pregnant she must ask herself if she is ready to be a mom. If not she should contact an adoption agency that will find a family who is able to provide a secure and loving home. She may not be able to provide this for her child, but someone out there can. I do not believe that abortion is an option, period. There are so many other ways to prevent pregnancy. There are so many organizations that are there to assist women who find themselves pregnant, but are unwilling or unable to accept the responsibility of motherhood. Remember, it is a child, not a choice. -Valerie De La Puente Staff Designer