Anime Club Zombie’s Help Charity

Anime Club hosts the Zombie Walk on Oct. 30 where Shawna Kernes, 20, mortuary science major, is one of the winners for best costume.-Photo by Erinn Grotefend

Zombies, peasants, and zombie-hunters, attended the Zombie 1K Walk put on by Anime Club Saturday.

There were prizes for first, second and third place winners of the zombie walk as well as a costume contest. To participate in the event, there was a 10 dollar donation that will go to a charity that helps abused children.

President of Anime Club, Monique Basquez, 19, said that the Zombie Walk is a win-win situation.

“We thought it would be fun to not only help out a charity for kids, but throw an event where everyone can have fun and not only have fun but win prizes and donate to a charity,” Basquez said.

Mr. Gonzalez, advisor of the Anime Club, has been donating to this specific charity for the past five years and plans to continue with Anime Club.

“I think the club should have a charity responsibility,” said Mr. Gonzalez.

As the zombie walk began, the peasants were in the front of the race and chasing after them were the zombies. Luckily, there were plenty of zombie-hunters ready to save the peasants lives.

The race started at building 26A and finished at Founders Hall. Donivin Glover, 27, psychology major, came in first place. Behind him in second place was Christopher Lee, 21, civil engineering major. In third place was Daniella Gallego, 18, multicultural major.

Donivin Glover, 27, psychology major, crosses the finish line for Anime Club's Zombie Walk on Oct. 30.- Photo by Erinn Grotefend

After winning the race, Glover said, “I came into this race a peasant and left a king.”

He then said that he would use his fame and new found position to help out other humans in future zombie attacks. He continued that he would attend the next Zombie Walk.

After the zombie walk was completed, it was time for the costume contest.

John Aguilo, 19, computer science major, was one of the winners of the costume contest. The second winner was Shawna Kernes, 20, mortuary science major.

At the end of the day, peasants, zombies, and zombie-hunters, all sat at Founders Hall where they ate pizza and watched an anime movie.

Erinn Grotefend
News Editor