What grinds my gears? Unthoughtful gifts

What grinds my gears is when people give me things they know I wouldn’t even want as gifts. In fact, I like receiving gifts, but not those that are considered a waste of space or just some crappy gifts a 3-year-old doesn’t even want.

I suppose gifts are to impress people and make people happy, not to piss people off or to make them wonder: “What the hell is this?”

As sad as it sounds, I have encountered situations like this in my life.

Last Christmas, I received a place card holder, which I knew was from Michael’s. The thing is that I don’t really care how much the gift is worth, but it is those kinds of things that you don’t need and don’t really know if you should throw away. With that said, I think unwanted gifts are a waster of space.

What I learned from getting crappy gifts is that it’s just a cycle that goes on and on most of the time. I assume some people would rather give out something not as good to sort of keep the mind set: ‘Okay, I’ve given you this, so you should give me something in return as well.” But if you have given me something I don’t want, of course I won’t spend too much time thinking which gifts will make you happy. I might as well just grab something on the shelf at a local Michael’s.

If you don’t want to spend money on someone, then don’t do so. Unwanted gifts create awkwardness, piss people off, and are a waste of space. But now when I get something I don’t want, one question pops up in my mind: ‘I am really sorry, but what did I do wrong to make you give me something like this?’

Angela Tsai
Opinion Editor