Mountaineer newsroom burglarized, equipment stolen

computers The Mountaineer newsroom in building 26D was recently burglarized before the beginning of the fall semester. Professor of Journalism and Advisor of Student Media Toni Albertson arrived around 8:15 a.m. Monday morning and discovered the lock on the door to the newsroom had been broken.  Albertson called public safety who referred her to facilities and maintenance, who sent someone over to check the lock. It was confirmed that the lock was broken during maintenance of the door. Albertson later noticed that her school issue laptop was missing. Staff members of the student media noticed two additional desktop computers were missing, along with several mice and keyboards Albertson thought that IT may have been servicing computers and called to question the missing equipment. Robert Jackson of IT confirmed that there had not been any work done on the equipment and checked inventory to confirm that computers had been stolen. Public safety was called and began an investigation into the theft. It is unclear if the theft in building 26D is related to the thefts that occurred during the summer in building 61. More information to follow. Albert Serna Editor-in-Chief