KSAK Radio celebratory event launches on Wednesday

KSAK KSAK Radio will be celebrating their 40th anniversary with “Spring Fake 2014” on Wednesday in the grass area behind Building 9C from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be live music, a photo booth, contests, and a special appearance by Senior Antonio. KSAK’s promotions director Fanelly Millan said Senior Antonio is equivalent to a “rico suave” persona, with a gift to foresee the future. Senior Antonio was created by student Bob Vincent. Millan added that he offers free consultations and is “very popular among the ladies.” There are a total of eight beach themed contests, and prizes will be available. Raging Waters will be providing prizes such as tickets to the water park, hats, lanyards and many more. Students can meet Mt. SAC radio personalities such as Bob Vincent, sports broadcaster Christopher Ryan Murry, Ryan “Guru” Guerra and Chris Norman, and Vicky Ryle are among the few lined up for a personal appearance. KSAK Radio is on channel 90.1 FM and is broadcasted for the school and the Walnut community. KSAK Radio and “Spring Fake 2014” are provided by the Radio and Television department.  Additionally, KSAK Radio first aired on Jan. 10, 1974. Kathryn Banks Staff Writer