Student accident in anthropology lab

Unidentified student is walked out of classroom by emergency services in building 60 after allegedly  fainting

An unidentified male student is escorted out of his anthropology lab by emergency services in Building 60 after allegedly fainting on Friday morning, March 14.
Brittney Morales/Mountiewire

Emergency services arrived at Building 60 after a student allegedly fainted Friday morning. Dr. Frances Borella, anthropology professor, acted quickly by immediately having her teacher assistant call 911 in room 2612 around 8:20 a.m. Borella was going over instructions for a routine blood testing lab in anthropology lab when the unidentified male student fell while trying to stand up and hit his head, according to eyewitnesses. β€œHe was sitting down quiet for most of the class then all I saw was him trying to get up,” said Yazmin Slim, 19, communications major. β€œI was facing the front of the room when all of a sudden I just felt the impact of his fall and he was out cold.” Public Safety was unavailable to comment.
Brittney Morales
Staff Writer